Monthly Archives: January 2011

Dream Walking

I knew the destination and I desired to go. The way seemed so long and hard, so tiring,

that I was so very slow in making any progress. I noted that as I traveled, I began to see

groups of people along the way. Someone would break away from a group and come

to me giving love and a hug, encouraging me. Each of these encounters seemed to carry

me ‘till I felt I was stronger and knew that I was traveling faster.

As I woke, I knew that these strengthenings came from Gifts I’ve discovered and

embraced: dear friends who join me along this journey of life and faith. Thank you to

those I know and to those yet to be met along the way. You are precious to me and may

our encounters bring joy and strength to you too.


Dad’s Birthday

Memories drift across my mind and I hear my father’s voice in an exchange that often

came as I prepared to leave his home: “Thank you”, I would say. “Did you enjoy

yourself?” he would question. “Yes!” I would reply. Then he would say, “That’s all that

matters.” I realize now that this meant that all the planning, the work, the expense; it

was all worth it to him if we had enjoyed our visit and his provision.

Time has passed since those visits, by that flash of memory still questions me: Am I

enjoying life? Am I grateful for all that has been provided for my life?


Star Light

Epiphany, a time of remembering those who followed a star, investing themselves in a

journey through the unknown; it is a perfect time for me to do the same as I start this

blogging adventure. My soul seems to carry written pages and walks my dreams with them.

I will be writing of my encounters along the way of this journey.